HD 7950 Drivers on Ubuntu 12.10

I'm running ubuntu 12.10 on my recently built rig with an i5 3570k and hd 7950 on an asrock z77 extreme 3, and I'm having issues with the graphics drivers.

The only game I can really reference is minecraft, since I'm not able to run anything with wine. could someone link me to a good tutorial?

anyways, with the default drivers, I can get ~20 fps in minecraft.

As soon as I switch to proprietary AMD drivers, minecraft crashes in the loading screen.

as far as I can tell, everything else works with either driver. I have tried looking into open source drivers for AMD graphics cards, but I can't seem to find any that support the hd 7000 series.

If anyone could help me with both wine and graphics drivers, that would be great.
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  1. The only place you could get proper graphics drivers for your card would be the manufacturer's website (in your case AMD). If Linux drivers aren't available there, chances are official ones don't exist.
  2. AMD's display drivers for Linux are...

    Well... not pretty.

    If you want to game with Linux, you basically need Nvidia, though you could try an older version of the AMD Catalyst driver.
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