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Is it me or does Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 bite. I have had nothing but problems with them from the get go. Would fix one issue and a few updates later, BAM.

I have a home built HTPC that was built for multimedia, gaming and regular use. Keep all the drivers up to date. Is there any others out there with the same issues??

Oh yea, won't load the discs to 100%, goes to 99% and hangs, guess it's back to dvd instead of Blu-Ray or be forced to buy a Blu-Ray player.
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  1. PowerDVD is free software which you are licenced to use upon purchasing the computer, so I wouldn't expect it to be much good. I have been given copies with hardware in the past but never bothered installing it and/or removed it. It would probably be advisable to repost this in the Storage section under CD-ROM/DVD-ROM perhaps?
  2. I had the ultra version and it was complete garbage!I had to buy corel's windvdpro 2010 and that works awesome!
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