Linksys problems altogether.

ok, well all my problems started when i was trying to find my WEP key to enter into my xbox, so i can set up and xbox live account, so i go into linksys and see that i am connected to the internet, but when i go into site survey and click connect on my familie's network, it kicks me off the internet saying im connected to the access point, but the internet couldn't be found. so i try repairing my wireless network connection and it says it can't renew my IP address. the only thing i could do to fix my internet, was do a system restore. so can anyone help my find my WEP key and also fix my linksys.
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  1. Well you can reset your Linksys router to it's defaults I believe by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds or so. What model of Linksys wireless router are you using and the version number of it.... You can look for the version number somewhere underneath it. After you reset it you should be able to go to and enter in the default username and password which I believe is a blank username and "admin" without quotes as the password. If you have an older model of the Linksys wireless router you may be able to put DD-WRT ( ) on it to give it some sweet capabilities and to enhance your connection with your XBOX with KAID. I never messed with KAID but I believe it helps out with lowering your ping times with your opponents and XBOX Live servers I guess.
  2. WRT54G is the model we have. and i tried going to the first link, and i got a cannot display the webpage
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