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Hi everyone, here's my situation: Okay im gonna sell my current machine which is a C2D E6600 ocd @ 2.7 to my friend for $1680CDN my question is after i sell it should i buy the E6600 agian and OC it to 2.8ghz OR get a E4400 take advantage of the 10X multiplier and hit 3ghz? which would give me better performance and if i hit 3ghz with the E4400 than would i be able to do that on stock vcore??

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Let me guess:

    Small town, not much to do?
  2. I may live in Canada but it's not like i live in the middle of no where
  3. It is more likely that you'll hit above 3GHz with E6600 than hit 3GHz with E4400. In average the E6600 are OC-ing to 3.4GHz, but that more depends of luck. Mine E6420 runs stable OC-ed to 3.2GHz and undervolted from 1.325 to 1.28125. But that is more like exception. The previous CPU was E6400 and needed 1.48v to run stable OC-ed to 3.2GHz.
    So, check the OC potentials of your E6600 before you let it go. If it sux like mine E6400, than let it go and get another one. If not, keep it because the newer C2D's are clocking less than the older.

    Good luck
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