Help me get the right desktop for 3d use

im studying for 3d animation and need to get a desktop,my budget is 950$ to the max 1000$ if would be nice its in between these amounts .i need to work in 3ds max,maya,zbrush,photoshop all 2010 versions.

i would like to know weather ati firefox or nvidia grafic cards are good to use,entry level cards are good by which company?the things i want are a good motherboard,cabinet,lcd monitor 22 inch,processor.harddisk 160 gb harddisk, and i want to work in 64 bit in 3ds max and maya is it possible?monitor. plz rply soon. im sorry for my bad english. plz specify the name and price in list so i will get a better idea.
love and light
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  2. Hope this configuration helps!

    1.CPU AMD 630
    3.Memory OCZ
    4.PSU OCZ
    5.GPU PNY

    Check out!
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