Is this a Quad core CPU?

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  1. ummmmmm.....Yeah. See the "Intel Core2 Quad" label? *hint* ;)
  2. YES

    Just so he can make sure ;)
  3. it is a highly overclockable quad core chip, the difference between this chip and the 67 or 6800 anyway is the size of the cache I think.

    read on toms reviews about overclocking these.

  4. lol, nice slim.
  5. No.

    What you have there is a link to a web page where a quad core cpu (Core 2 Quad Q6600) is listed for a sale price of $629.99 cash.

    The Actual cpu would look very similar to the graphic rendition on that web page. Typically you can find these CPUs packed in a box or installed in a Computer.

    I hope that clears up any confusion.

    .... And if someone out there says that I am being a literalist to the point of obsurdity, and that in fact that is a quad core processor...... Then I would like to proudly claim that I had sex with Jessica Alba just 15 minutes ago.
  6. So in other words you had a good sleep?

    Ok for all of u that dont get that u dream when u sleep thus he dreamt he sleapt with jessica alba.
  7. Not the point I was trying to make. Try reading the entire post again and see if it makes a little more sense. I've always heard that a joke sucks if you have to explain it, but hopefully most readers got the simple analogy I was playing with.
  8. No, it is actually two dual cores stuck together with some kind of glue.... I think that Intel prefers Elmer's. Personally I'd go with superglue, but that's just me.

    If you wait long enough you can get a 'real' quad core from AMD, but you have to start holding your breath now until its released.

    Ok, I've made nightly sarcastic post....

    As an aside, wait until after June 22 or so and re-check the prices. Birdies are whispering.
  9. Quote:
    the difference between this chip and the 67 or 6800 anyway is the size of the cache I think.

    You think wrong. The cache is the same on all Core2 Quads, 2x4MB. The difference is the frequency. Also the QX6700 and QX6800 have a fully unlocked multiplier, which makes overclocking easier.
  10. 101% true
  11. This post is bordering on neanderthalic. If someone tells you it's a rose, it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, what do you think it might be?
  12. ok. ok. I wasn't sure the store actually sell real quad core CPU. you don't have to make a big deal out of it. sheesh. you guys need to take valium. all those caffeine pills are making you too stress out. :roll:
  13. I'm not sure if this car dealership sells cars. Can anyone tell me if these are real cars?

    Why would a store say it had quad core CPUs for sale if it didn't? I could understand if it told you it was selling AMD quadcores or Intel Octo-cores...

    There have been quad core Core 2s about for months.
  14. I agree again :D
  15. LOL, Picard......Canada Computers' service might suck but their products are legit. No dark room deals there, they're good, not to worry.

    Do we get a cookie at least?? :)
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