have a dell e520 with 305psu need help choosin graphics card

ok so i have a dell e520 with a 305w psu. i would upgrade the psu but i cant coz it a dell. so what if any recentish cards work with a 305w psu and wont fry my pc. I was thinkin a nvidia 7600gt or something but i dont know. Atm i have a 6200 pci from my old pc which needs replacin for a pci-e card. Here are my specs:

e4300 @ stock 1.8 ghz
1 gb ram (hopin to get 2 gb soon)
22 inch dell monitor
1 dvd drive
160 gb hard drive
um anything else just ask

well any help would be helpful 8O

peace out :D
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  1. You can upgrade the psu with just about any standard ATX 2.0 or higher power supply,or put an 8600GTS in without having to.
  2. Dell uses standard PSU's. Recently upgraded an E510 with a Hiper 580, good fit except for the fan guard, which was removed with four screws. Ran a 7950GT and had to add a Zalman 900 GPU fan and a small case fan to compensate for the poor air flow in the Dell case.
  3. You may not have to change it. My Dimension 4700 had the same watt PSU as yours and it had dual 18/19 amp +12V rails. I don't remember the combined power but it should handle the 7600GT fine.

    I also did research and found that you can replace the PSU with any ATX 12V PSU. At least with my model.
  4. well i heard dell use special psus or something
  5. I know they did in their older models. I think they stopped doing that though. Worst case scenario: you go to PCP&C's website. They make PSUs that fit in Dell cases no matter what the model. They are a little expensive though.
  6. I have a Dell E521 with the above mentioned 305w PSU. Here are the specs if it helps:

    AC Imput 50-60Hz : 100-120V / 9A
    200-240V / 4.5A

    DC Output +5V / 22A +3.3V / 17A
    +12VA / 18A +12VB / 18A
    -12V / 1A +5Vfp / 2a

    +5V and +3.3v 150w max
    +12VA and +12VB 264w max

    Anyway it has 22A on the 12v rails.
    BTW: I run a XFX 8600GT XXX with no problem
    The 8600GTS will also work with the stock psu but you need a molex connection to the psu. Hope this helps.
  7. what a molex connector
  8. Quote:
    what a molex connector

    Sorry if the name is wrong but you need to connect card to Dell psu.

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