hitachi 2001 model service menu settings for 53udx10b

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I had an isf tech calibrate my set a year ago, and i just bought a new dvd
player, i noticed in progressive i was getting vertical lines, after a few
tests i decided to reset my configuration back to defaults and tottally
forgot about the calibration settings, now i have a butt-ugly tv, i
calibrated the tv using the avia dvd, and it's faily good now on the dvd
source, but the cable and svh-s input is just unacceptable, i have this
grainy look and awfull ghosting, i know my way arround pretty good with
theese things, but i need help in decoding what the settings means in the
service menu, some of them are obvious but other are acronyms that came
from the planet zoltar ;-) i have the service manual wich also covers the
43fdx and 61udx in pdf so if anyone needs them i'll gladly send them

thanks for your help...
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    Could you send me the service manual for the 61udx10b. When I turn it
    on, the power indicator light comes on but nothing else happens.
    Please e-mail the service manual to Thanks!
  2. i could use that service manual also i need to know how to get the service menu for these sets i usually work on sony's my e-mail is
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