AHCI port0 device error

When i turn my laptop on it comes up with: AHCI port0 device error. At the moment i am trying to re install windows 7 but it (after changing the BIOS) it gets to a screen where it states that it is starting can any one please help. :(
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  1. 1. Faulty port on motherboard
    2. Faulty cable connecting motherboard to hdd
    3. Faulty hdd.
    4. BIOS not set to AHCI for hdd.
    5. AHCI driver not loaded.
  2. That's about it but without telling him or her how to check for these it doesn't help at all.

    You won't be able to use Windows at all:

    - Your BIOS has to be set to AHCI, legacy IDE being a very old standard. If your Windows has been installed with legacy IDE, then you have to use that mode, then make backup of your data, then go back to set AHCI mode, then reinstall the OS.

    - The AHCI driver HAS TO load automatically with Windows. From a newbie point of view, there is nothing to do except reinstalling Windows. It then shall install everything needed for it to work.

    Can lead to random errors & crashes:

    - A fautly port on the motherboard can lead to random errors. The only way to check this is to try other ports on the board. You have to know that it is impossible for a motherboard to have every ports damaged.

    - A damaged cable may lead to random crashes. Please verify the integrity of the cable cause sata cables tend to damage easily. Also the connector, if it is bended, can cut some wires inside the cable where the connectors is located. Better use a new sata cable once in a while. They also tend to heat a lot so changing them is very good for hdd longevity.

    Can lead to random errors & crashes, but is the most probable:

    - A faulty hdd.

    I looked over the web and everyone having "AHCI port0 device error" are having a bad hdd in their hand. There are softwares to check for hdd integrity and for the SMART functionality, but if you don't have access to Windows it won't help you.

    If you tried to plug in the hdd on other sata ports, went to check if hdd is set to AHCI in the BIOS, and verified for cable integrity, then it shall be it: the hdd is going straight to the trash bin (or RMA if the warranty is still applicable).
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