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I have been using Ubuntu 12.04 for a few months and I am pretty content but I am curious to try out some of the other desktops available. I downloaded both GNOME and LXDE but sadly I cant figure out how to activate them, do I need to hit the command line for this? and if so could someone tell me what I need to input?

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    For Gnome - once you've installed it, when you are at the login screen - press the Ubuntu icon next to your login name and you should see Gnome in a list of desktops.
  2. That did the trick. The problem was that I had set it to login automatically so I never received the option to switch desktops. Thank you very much :)
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  4. One quick add on. If you make a live USB be sure to give some space during the install to register changes otherwise you'll always default to the original desktop. This can be important if you are using the USB drive to start a low RAM system, LXDE may start where the others won't.
  5. That is a really good tip. thanks.
    Right now I am booting from a 160GB external but I had kicked around the idea of cloning it to a flash drive so it would be more portable.
  6. Check out remastersys to make a distributable copy of your system without you data.
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