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Hello all. I need some kind of software to control RPM of my case fans. I had motherboard P55-UD3R and i use 3 case fans. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. If your fans aren't connected to the mobo you can't control them from the OS.
  2. speed fan
  3. Quote:
    speed fan

    Speed fan can't control the fans that are conected directly to the PSU. If you install them on your system, this only show the Fan 1, that is the fan of your CPU, AT LEAST that you have more that 1 fan conected to your mobo.
  4. I ask because i read something, somewhere its have a program witch you can manage RPM of fans that you plug in MB.
  5. Since it wasnt said that they were connected to the Power Supply.

    That is why I suggested speedfan.

    Not all fans are connected directly to the power supply.

    I have both types.
  6. munjos said:
    I ask because i read something, somewhere its have a program witch you can manage RPM of fans that you plug in MB.


    Yea, exist some programs (like speedfan) with that you can manage the RMP of your fans, the only requeriment of this program is that this fans must be conected to the motherboard. If you have 3 fans conected to the mobo you can controlled with speedfan, but if you have 3 fans BUT conected directly to your PSU, speedfan can't controll this fans.

    P.D. Excuseme for my bad english, isn't my native language.
  7. Yes my fans are connected on my motherboard. Motherboard have 4 connections for fan. 1 is for CPU and another 3 it was free and i connect my HAF922 fans there. But i download speedfan and i can't manage the RPM. Maybe i download not good version, but if its possible send link to download good version of program. Thanks.
  8. See THIS page at the end.
  9. The manually controlled fans are great.
    I have one (the biggest) installed now.
    I am building another computer now and plan to add several.
  10. In order to actually control a case fan it has to have 4 wires and plug into a port with 4 prongs. Most motherboards only offer three. two for power and one for speed monitoring. The fourth would be for the actual control. So unless your motherboard accepted the 4 wired connection Speed Fan would only let you monitor the rpms of the fan.
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