Will this monitor work with my integrated graphics?

Bestbuy is having a sale that I believe starts tonite.
This 19" widescreen lcd is on sale:

I want to get this LCD as an upgrade for my 11-year old 15" compaq crt that is still chugging along. The thing is, I dont know if my pc can run the odd native resolution of 1440x900.

I installed the latest graphics drivers for my chipset.

Dell Dimension 2400
Intel P4 2.2ghz
768mb ram
Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Chipset. Intel refers to it as 82845G. The driver version is the latest one: Version Date 6/21/2005

I checked around for supported resolutions both online and in the software, but found no reference.

So, to sum it up, I want to know if my Intel 82845G graphics chipset can run a resolution of 1440x900 through VGA.
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  1. Yes you can, your integrated graphics can probably support over 1440x990 resolution, but you wont be able to play any games at that resolution. but for everyday use you will be just fine with integrated graphics at that resolution.
  2. Quote:
    Yes you can, your integrated graphics can probably support over 1440x990 resolution, but you wont be able to play any games at that resolution. but for everyday use you will be just fine with integrated graphics at that resolution.

    I know that before I updated the drivers I saw a list of supported resolutions. 1600x900 and 1920x1200 were on that list but not 1440x900.

    I know that the card can support resolutions higher, but I want to know if it can support that specific resolution.

  3. Quote:
    The graphics will sinc up with the monitor and you should have no problem with that resolution. They are not going to produce a monitor that a GPU can not support. Especially a standard size like a 19" monitor.

    yea, but its a 19" widescreen and that resolution is relatively new. And the graphics chipset is quite old. Old and new dont really go together so well.
  4. Quote:
    the 945 graphics supports what ever is in the monitors edid
    so if the monitor says it supports 14x9 then the graphics will show it on the list

    yeah, but the current monitor doesnt support 1440x900 so I cant try it now.
  5. Quote:
    ya you just need to get the new monitor
    make sure you have 2 GB of memory and that graphics supports up to 19x12
    the 965 supports up to 20x15

    wtf are you talking about? have you read the first freakin post?

    i have a dell dimension 2400 with 768megs of system ram.

    The integrated gpu is some old intel chipset called 82845G. read before n00bing...
  6. Quote:
    it was just a typo
    take it easy
    my monitor is 19x12 i assumed it would be the max for 845
    but it goes up to 20x15 also
    here are some of the specs
    apparently a FP and CRT have different specs
    but either way the 14x9 mode is supported

    Video and Display DirectShow*/DirectVA*
    Hardware motion compensation support for DVD playback
    4x2 overlay filter
    350 MHz DAC frequency
    Maximum DVO pixel rate of up to 330MP/s
    Flat panel monitors and TV-out support via AGP Digital Display (ADD) cards
    350 MHz DAC for 1800x1440 @ 85Hz max CRT resolution or 2048x1536@60Hz max FP resolution
    Synchronous display for dual monitor capabilities
    350MHz RAMDAC for up to QXGA analog monitor support
    Dual DVO ports for up to QXGA digital display support
    Multiple display types (LVDS, DVI, TV-out, CRT)

    do you have the same graphics chipset as me?????

    if not, how does this help me?
  7. Quote:
    yes i do have the G845
    i also have a G965

    is that G845 the same as my 82845G? seems a bit different?

    what cpu and type of ram are you running? give me the specs of that machine
  8. Quote:
    its an D845GVFN intel made board
    2.40 GHz
    533 MHz FSB
    2GB DDR333 memory

    sounds pretty similar.

    So can your GPU run at 1440x900?
  9. Quote:
    my monitor doesnt support that mode
    so its not on the modes list
    the last time i had a 1920x1280 monitor plugged into it, it showed that mode as the max
    i was also allowed to select 1450x1080 because the monitor said it did that mode in the edid.
    but i ran it at 1024x768
    i was running it at a low resolution so i could see what the kids were up to accross the room
    right now i have a monitor on it with no edid and i can select 1600x1200

    with my old ati radeon x800gt in my personal pc, i could unlock the resolution thingy and run my monitor at any resolution supported by the gpu including 2048x1536. Do you think that this chipset can support that res??
  10. Quote:
    ya they say they support that in the documentation
    i dont have a monitor that big to try it on though
    i suppose i could uncheck the hide modes box and try it
    and if the monitor freaks out ill hit escape and hope it goes back
    give me a bit to go mess with it

    i fhe documentation says so....

    have fun, knock yourself out
  11. Quote:
    i found a monitor inf with support for 14x10 and that mode shows up
    i couldnt find one for 14x9 so i cant verify this for you

    l8r beer

    ok thnx
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