Is this PSU powerful Enough?

I've been having trouble with my system and i believe it has to do with my psu.
I am considering ordering this PSU and would like your opinion as to weather or not it is powerful enough.

My System:
Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb
Anthon 64x2 3800+
One LightScribe Dr
2gb Ram
200 GB SATA 7200 rpm Hard Drive

If this is not powerful enough or is a little to much let me know. I am all about saving money. Thanks for your time!

Also, does anyone know how big this PSU is? I dont have a lot of room in my case and it can't be any bigger than my current one(link below).
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  1. I am tempted to say anything is better than that wintech-OEM'd Rosewill unit (since a $40 hipro 400w unit has better specs) but in this case the Xion's 600w rating is bloated with the +5v rating of 54A which is ludicrous for a modern PC.

    Not to mention, they changed the label to "omit" certain specs that is needed to determine the limits of the unit - check out this review if you click on the link for the label pic you see the specs:
    5v/3.3v/12v max combined=538w
    So 360w/30A for +12v combined on a 600w? For $100? And you have to wait for a rebate?

    My advice, get a decent 500w unit that can handle the specs like this Xclio goodpower 500w which holds the minimum SLI cert for PSUs so if it can handle 7800gt SLI @ 115w it should handle a 8800gts @ 105w no problem and it's a similar price to the xion w/o the rebate.
  2. maybe step up to this one as you've stepped up on the GPU...
    Corsair made by Seasonic. Cant go wrong with this one.
  3. Is that worth the money? I'm on a tight budget and i've already overstepped where i would like to be. Also, anyone know how big these psu(s) are? Like i said, my small case is an issue.
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