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I am a new user of Linux, while I was installing Ubuntu 12.04LTS, my hard disk was formatted accidentally and i lost all my data. I want to know if there is any free software available which can recover my lost data. My data was in NTFS format.
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  1. You won't be able to recover the ntfs filesystem, but you can recover individual files using foremost or photorec
  2. andersonnn, i have sent an email, lets see what they reply.

    Skittle: I have recovered some data using TestDisk,
    I have three partitions, namely C, D and E. C was primary partition and i think ubuntu is installed on same memory location and i have lost some data in it. I have recovered almost all data from E drive using TestDisk, but it is saying that C and D are curropt, I tried Photorec, but it is not working as desired. It have placed thousands of file in same location and most are useless or were not even on hard disk. I want something TestDisk done. It maintained directory structure correctly( atleast I think).
  3. You CAN recover your data and possibly even the partition. Testdisk with photorec can recover most if not all that you lost. Follow the instructions at I've used it many times for people who made your mistake. After you've backed up all that you find you can try and recover the lost partition with testdisk, follow the in instructions on their site. Even if the OS is gone because of overwriting your file structure should be back and that will make finding more lost data easier.
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