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I am using a Belkin wireless N-router and a Dell 1505 n Mini-card. This is a new laptop and I don't know squat about computers.

I am having issues with my wireless connection. Every time I restart my computer the wireless network assistant tells me there is an issue with the Table Router and I need to restart my computer. My connection is listed as "limited connectivity" but the signal is strong. My connection security is set to WPA. If I change the encryption type the connection works just fine. It doesn't matter if I booted the computer with an AES encryption or TKIP set, all I need to do is change it to the other and it connects without a problem.

Any ideas on how to fix this so I don't have to mess with the security settings every time I start the computer?
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  1. Is this Windows Vista? I have never been able to get a wireless connection to work reliably using WPA on Vista.

  2. Yes, Vista. And the problem is actually "connected with limited access" which essentially means "I see the router but you can't actually do anything".

    I haven't had a chance to try the computer at a public hotspot yet. Hopefullt today or later this week.
  3. Have you tried WEP? If the card does not support WPA and you're using that, it will not work. I've run into this recently
  4. The OP said it was a new laptop with a N card. All new wireless NICs support WPA. It's Vista that doesn't like WPA.

  5. Quote:
    The OP said it was a new laptop with a N card. All new wireless NICs support WPA. It's Vista that doesn't like WPA.


    Good to know, the problem I had was with a PC card that could not handle WPA on an XP system
  6. Hello!
    I've just installed a wireless Linksys WRT54GL v.4.30.11 to my cable modem and desktop via ethernet cables. All works well with the wired connections. My Toshiba A75 wireless laptop connects to my new home wireless network, BUT shows "Limited or no connectivity" (but connects fine at the library and other hot spots). I've done the <run><ipconfig/release> and <ipconfig/renew>, and I still get a "bad" ip address, 169.254. . . I've tried "repair", I've disabled virus and fire wall on the laptop, and still no/limited connectivity. I'm thinking the solution is back in the WRT54GL wireless setup somewhere, but can't seem to find - any suggestions? (OS is Windows XP)
  7. Hey! I just found the problem... When I went to <Network Connections><Wireless Networks>, I found the <Key index> was set to the wrong number. Guess I just needed to "talk" this out, thank you!
  8. how much you bet soon it wont work anymore?
    had the same damn problem its just vista is
    **** up bad so unless they send in a crutial
    update wireless will still stay a problem for all.

    have a ****-up-by-vista day!!!
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