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Alternative Software compared to Microsoft built in tools

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January 10, 2010 4:13:25 AM


I came to this idea for the TH guys to make a very detailed guide yet comparing and contrasting the windows utilities with the free stuff on the internet.

for example, im quite interested to know if Defraggler, Ultra-Defrag or any other defragmentation software could be better then the Windows Disk Defragmentation one.

or some years ago i asked this community if there is any alternative network management application for windows (i messed up DHCP service that time and needed something to fix it temporary).

anyway, my answers are quite easy to answer but still the point of the idea is just to research if there are better solutions out there :) .


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January 10, 2010 10:48:25 PM

PlutoDelic said:

anyway, my answers are quite easy to answer but still the point of the idea is just to research if there are better solutions out there :) .

With a little research and a simple site search you will find that this has been asked and answered many times.
January 14, 2010 4:00:17 PM

trust me, i did, though you misunderstood my point.

for example, power management under windows 7 sucks so heavy, that you cant turn off the Aero Interface during battery or just if u switch battery profiles, meaning, some laptops suffer for lack of performance, useless heating and shortening battery life if aero is active during battery (especially in balanced mode), the answer is...Aerofoil

just days ago i found a software, it was free, it gave you the opportunity to configure net cards with profiles, very useful for non-dhcp networks, and it could do it in a second and not like the windows network configuration does, i remember in win2k changing the IP sometimes asked you to restart...but anyway, the bad news is that i did not download the software, and i have no idea how it was called (but it was something like NetMan...)

Pat, im not asking for personal help here, im more interested to see free/open software tested, even with each other, i think TH/TG could invest on a single category just for free software :) 
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January 14, 2010 11:14:38 PM

I apoligize for the remarks above.
It is just that lately this forum has gotten so many people that ask the same questions over and over.
A very cursory search or even just looking down 4-5 posts for the other guy that just asked the same question would provide most of their answers.

I am happy to try to help anyone or discuss with anyone that will take the time to help themselves as your second post confirms that you have.

The network profiles is a interesting concept.
I think that it could be done in an obscure way in Vista/W7

The way that I am setup is by having a LAN connection shortcut icon on the desktop because I turn it on and off a lot.
It doesnt require a restart.

I dont have any other connections to test this with but..
I believe it would be possible to create another LAN connection or WAN for that matter and apply the necessary settings.
Create a shortcut to the desktop and enable and disable it dependent on which one you will need to use.
I would imagine that only one at a time could be active but I cant think of any reason why it wouldnt work.

For the operation on battery, open the start help section and search power plan.
I think you can change things when on battery better on W7.
It just isnt easy to find.
I dont have a battery setup and I dont have those options installed and I am on Vista currently so I cant look into it much deeper for you.

As for defrag I dont really know when it comes to W7
As far as I know it is the same as Vista.
The debate on which is better will probably live on forever.
I have tried a few different ones and some have various different features and some are faster than others but to be honest I havent noticed any real performance differences after they are finsihed.

As for the creation of a catagory look in the Toms Hardware related section of this forum
In the New Community Manager introduction that is exactly the type of things that he is trying to find.
The opinions concerning features,new sections, and sections that are past their prime along with other ideas to improve the forum.

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February 11, 2010 12:42:19 AM

Nice software!
September 18, 2010 12:01:32 PM

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