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I'm considering purchasing this card - All in Wonder x1900, does anyone know if this will work on a 400watt psu, its listed as 450, I just purchased a 400watt (can't return it) so I hate to purchase another one.

Any recommendations of a better card of this type?

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  1. is it a gd quality power supply? remember that the 450 req assumes fully loaded comp, and i doubt u really packed ur comp as much as the case and mobo can fit
  2. It's not all about the power supply's power rating, the most important question is whether there's enought current on the 12V rail. The PSU rating required will be a function of the card's power draw as well as how many hard disks, optical drives, fans etc. you have, as well as how much power the processor draws (for example an Athlon64/X2 is more efficient than a Pentium4/D and less efficient than a Core 2 Duo). You need to post more information about the rest of your system and the PSU itself to tell if this PSU is adequate. I didn't even realize they still made AIW cards.
  3. Yeah you can find the information on the PSU by looking at the label and under 12v tell us how many amps it provides...
  4. Another consideration is your operating system - XP is fine, but if it is Visa you will NOT be able to use the MMC ( TV tuner, ATI file/DVD player) as AMD/ATI have not updated the software, and are NOT planning to - Problem with vista.

    My system - ATI AIW 1300, E6400 @3 GHZ, 4 Hard drives & 2 DVD writers draws approx. 300 Watt - so IT boils down to (as the other posters have said) It depends on the 12 Volt rail(s)

    Have used the ATI AIW cards sinse my 383SX days, sorry to see their demise
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