Recording With ATI TV Wonder 650

If I were just to use the CatalystMC software that it comes with (I know it isn't great) can I use a SPDIF connection into my soundcard to record the audio instead of the RCA input on the 650? I would like to use the digital input because I am getting a little noise through the RCA's. I have a creative X-Fi Elite Pro sound card, Asus M2N-SLI board, Athlon X2 6000 chip and a Nvidia 8800gts video card if that information helps. Basically, I just want to use a S-video out and a SPDIF out from my cable box into my PC to record some backed up stuff and save the space on the cable box's hard drive.
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  1. Basically I am looking for something in the software to allow me to use the line inputs on the soundcard rather than the RCA's on the break out box. The old Catalyst software had something to check for this, this version doesn't seem to. Unless there is something I am looking over.
  2. Nope, you're not overlooking anything, ATI did this in some strange move to prevent copy infringement.
  3. I see. Does the Hauppauge card do the same thing? If I can use my sound card as a line in with that software I will just take back the ATI card.
  4. Or if there is a 3rd party software out there that will let me capture with those options I would buy that, I just haven't seen anything that can capture mpeg-2 and use the soundcard for the line in. I have used Virtualdub for avi captures but it still doesn't give me an mpeg-2 solution. Beyond TV is just for recording television but it doesn't really give any capture features. If anybody has any ideas of a better software or if I just need to get the Hauppauge card please let me know.
  5. You can capture with Beyond TV, but I don't know if it will do what you want. I do know that switching from the tuner to another input is a pain.
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