Got new stuff, cheap too

As some of you may know, I have been asking questions cause I was getting ready to buy a new rig.

SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) said that I needed to sell some of my old stuff first before i got new stuff. Fair enough I said.

Well, I was cruising craigslist and I see an add for a e6300, mobo, 2 gigs and other stuff.

Call the guy. He purchased all of it 3mos ago (I saw the newegg shipping invoice) and he now wants a big screen and his wife says he must sell his crap also.

So he is selling:


Asrock dual 775 vista mobo, but I dont it will do quad core though. I am thinking of upgrading the mobo and selling this one. How is this one for overclocking?

Memory Crucial 2GB (2x1gb) (i dont know much about memory, is this stuff ok?)

Sapphire 1900gt 256mb

Total price $300. Not a huge savings, but a savings none the less for fairly new stuff. He said that if I had any issues he would refund and RMA it himself. Only took me about 3hrs to get everything up. Had a bitch of a time cause he was running vista and I am not which I believe caused a bios issue. I had to do a windows repair.

Otherwise, all up and running smooth...
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  1. Nice price you paid there. And yes, that motherboard is infact Quad-Core compatible. So your set for a while.

    Get some Arctic Silver 5 compound, and a nice CPU cooler and crank that thing! :twisted:

    Otherwise, looks good for 300 bucks.

    Have fun. :D
  2. Well, the one i listed isnt the exact one. Newegg didnt list what I thought was the "simple" version of the 775dual-vista. The box doesnt say quad core...

    I tried some OC, and damn this board doesnt do much. You cant change the mulitiplier, its stuck on 7, and the most you can change the speed is to 340, which isnt stable. SO I have set on 266, which is stock

    So I am thinking of selling it on ebay and getting a decent mobo.

    As for cooling, I am looking at the Ultra extreme thing. Looks good.

    And thanks! I am excited!
  3. The simple answer is to kill them both. Kill your wife and use her shoe racks to store your old parts. Kill HIM and steal his new parts.

    The E6320 is a much better deal.
  4. True, the E6320 is good. But for 300, all that stuff is a good deal. All you need now is a decent Forton 450w, a harddrive, windows, and your good to go for under 600 bucks.
  5. I already had the HD, case, windows etc.

    I did pick up a samsung 19"wide 906bw with a 2ms response. After selling my old monitor on Ebay, total cost, $25. Rather proud of that deal.

    Now I gotta sell my old stuff, fx-55, asrock dual sata 2 939 mobo, zalman 7000b cpu fan.

    I did sell my old ddr memory for $100. 4 sticks of 512mb. Not bad.
  6. $200 for 4GB of DDR? Who was that sucker?
  7. Quote:
    $200 for 4GB of DDR? Who was that sucker?

    No, it was $100 for 2gb's

    Still a good deal for me
  8. Thats what I mean but I was too lazy to edit it.
  9. For what FX55's are going for on ebay, you'll get a good amount for it. :D

    Good luck, and have fun with your new rig! :D
  10. I know, its kinda stupid for how much they go for. I see anywhere from $160 to $200.

    Mine is a Clawhammer, so it wont get as much, but with a Zalman fan, I should make up some difference.
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