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I have to desktop computers, both using windows xp. I just got level one router so I could setup a home network, sharing internet and files. I successfully connected my modem to a router and 2 comps and after little bit of work I got internet connection from both computers. It seems that the one computer that is directly connected to modem is working fine. I was able to run a network wizard and when I click on my entire network and microsoft windows network I see my shared folder and do on.
However the other computer when I run network wizard and then if I go to entire network and click on Microsoft windows network I get message "unable to browse the network the network is not present or not started"

I tried different options to get it to work but without any results
I appreciate for any help or advice

thank you
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  1. Are both computers wired to the router or is one wireless? Regardless, disable you firewall and try to connect? If wireless, run the wireless connection wizard
  2. yes both computers are wired to the same router, none of them is wireless. I did try disabling firewall but nothing happened. I read somewhere that this could be problem with registry or client for microsoft network
  3. Make sure the computers have the same Workgroup name. If they don't, give the mthe same name. If they do, try the following. Reset the router to the factory settings, this will reset the log on and password to the factory setting as well as everything else. Disconnect both computers before doing this. Then set up the router, usually they come with a set up CD. Once the first computer is set up, connect the 2nd and run the Network Connection Wizard. Be sure to allow full File and Print Sharing, i.e., set it to allow the use to change files.
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