Awsome Monitor!!! Westinghouse LVM-42w2

1920x1080 is as high a resolution as Im likely to use and this diplay shows it brilliantly.

For just over $1100 USD it is cheaper than my Sony 23" monitor.
I was worried that 42" might be too big for me to use at my desk, while it is a large desk, I thought I might be sitting too close...but no!
Sitting in a comfortably reclined position in my desk chair my face is right around 36 inches from the screen

The thing has a TON of inputs.
2 x DVI + audio RCA jacks for each.
1 x VGA + audo
1 x HDMI
2 x Component Input + audio
1 X composit video/audo

I currently have the following attached.
2 x PC
1 Progressive scan DVD player
1 x Series 2 Tivo

Im just floored by the picture quality on this thing.
Ive run Oblivion and Titanquest on it at 1920x1080 and I drool every time they start up. DVD's look great but the monitor falls down on the quality of display for Standard Def television from the Tivo.
Also the remote supplied sucks....not a problem since I use the Tivo remote.

The unit has 2 x 10 watt speakers and a 10 watt subwoofer built in.

I cannot possibly reccomend this monitor strongly enough.. If you have the space and want a top quality picture...don't over look this unit.
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  1. I take it that it doesn't scale a PC input and displays it at a 1:1 pixel ratio?

    1920x1080 isn't a standard PC resolution... PCs tend to use 1600x1200. This hasn't caused a problem for games?

    If I like the answers to those two I might buy one :P
  2. The only two I have had time to check were Oblvion and Titanquest which both had settings for the 1920x1080 resolution. Which while not a common resolution from the olden times, it is the coming standard HiDef res :)

    If I set the Games to display in other resolutions as long as it is not above the 1080 number and lower it displays fine but only usses a portion of the screen. I'll report more information when I have had a chance to check...Im working tonight/this morning so my testing is limited. :)

    Quick Check shows that when I list it out in TQ, it shows 1280x1024 being the highest non-widescreen resolution. 1920x1080 is the highest and 1600x900 is the next step down.

    The 1280x1024 displays in such a way that is does not use the whole screen but has enpty space on the right and left of the screen...but it still looks awesome :)
  3. Ok had a little time to test.
    The following games run perfectly at the full screen resolution 1920x1080:
    Civilization IV
    Star Trek: Legacy
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Heroes V -- the whole series

    The following games ran fine at lower resolutions:
    Sacred Underworld
    Dungeon Seige II

    The following game does not run, but Im not sure it is a monitor issue:
    Galactic Civilizations II, it just goes to a black screen when I start it. I will reattach a standard monitor to check it out later.
  4. Ah, but while TVs are 16:9, Widescreen monitors are 16:10.

    Hence 1920x1200 is common on 24" monitors.

    However, it sounds pretty good for support :)
  5. I think it is the best $1200 I have spent on computer equipment is a long time :)

    Can't wait to see what kind of game play I'll get I get the Mach V in plave :)
  6. Is it a 6-bit monitor with dithering or a true 8-bit one?
  7. Beats the hell out of me but it's lookin fine. I've been working with PC's since 1978 and had my own starting 1980. (Apple II) Never seen a picture this awesome, this size or for this little money per square inch of realestate :)

    And honestly while I am a UNIX Administrator by trade, I have never had anyone ask that particular question about a monitor :) It isn't even how anyone in the Industry describes them. :o

    If your real interested, try using google and entering Westinghouse LVM-42W2 :D

    Now onto something I just noticed, on the environmental side.....this display puts out a bit of heat, sitting within 3 feet of it for several hours, I noticed that there is more here than I ever noticed from my 23" Sony or the 21.3 inch Samsungs. Also I got the Galaticv Civilizatiosn problem resolved, it was the game and not the monitor. And Titanquest is looking sweeter than ever now that I've loaded Immortal Thone.
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