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How to return to precise page when browsing in Windows 7

In Windows 7, when I browse on a page, how do I make the screen
come back to the exact page I was browsing? Example: browsing
this site, Tom's Hardware and I am on page 3, about 3/4 down page
and I click on a thread to read and afterwards use the back arrow to
return(or right -click back) it takes me back to the latest post on the
first page of the site instead of the precise spot I was on Page 3. My
XP desktop lets me 'snap back' to the page I had left prior.
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  1. Hmm I'd be interested, I've never mess with it. I always right click and "open in a new tab" out of habit.
  2. What browser are you using?
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    My XP desktop lets me 'snap back' to the page I had left prior.
    That would not be an XP option but a web browser software feature.
  4. I was using Firefox while making original post and the return reverts
    back to the forum's first page; and first post. I will see how it acts in
    Internet Explorer which I seldom use anymore.
  5. It reverts back to page # and thread position in Internet Explorer browser.
    But it does not in the Firefox browser?? Might it be a tick within Firefox
    somewhere? That is sad when I can not return to my last page marker.
    New Windows 7 laptop; 4GB Mem, 320 HD
  6. I just right-click the link and open it in a new tab or window. This leaves the original page open and exactly where I was. When done with what I linked to, I just close it.
  7. Works fine with my Firefox so Firefox does support that feature. Go to "about:config" and look at all the option in bold (the are the ones changed from default).
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