What will fit in my Antec 900?

Hi, I just ordered an Antec 900 and I am having trouble deciding on a cpu cooler. I am trying to find one that would fit in the Antec 900 without any modification or removal of the side panel fan. I have been searching for which coolers would fit and so far have read that the Thermalright Ultra 120 and Tuniq Tower 120 will not fit without removal or modification of the side panel. I was considering the Zalman 9700, but can't find information whether it fits my case or not. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a good air cooler for my cpu. Thanks you.
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  1. zalman would fit but you may need to remove the fan..

    isnt the fan placed at the vcard position?
  2. get a cnps 7700 cu that will fit

    YAYY =] !! <3 you all.

    omGOSH that ifx-14 looks so sick... how the hell are yo meant to use the back side though?

    *sorry off toopic*
  4. I have the Antec 900, you can fit Thermalright Ultra 120 with no fan. If you wish to use the fan you need to cut the top corner off it because the plastic clips to hold the side case fan are in the way.

    I went with Silverstone Nitrogon NT06 fits good in the 900 and can keep the case side fan.... this thing is massive, works good… is a little loud with the stock fan, even on low.
  5. rofl of course!

    i still dont think the back plate has any use tho. most high end motherboards have backplates to them already ( asus gigabyte) plus i dnt see how the contact with jus the motherboard itself will lower the cpu temp. alsO! most people have a powersupply sitting where the heatsink would go and and waht if its not long enough? =O

    good concept, poor implementation.
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