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When I right click on my desktop and go to Nvidia Control panel it crashes and comes up with nvcplui.exe - Application Error
The Instruction at 0x00305bc5 referenced memory at 0x00305bc0. The memory could not be wriiten. Is there any way i can fix this?

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  1. give your system specs but it sounds like you will need to reload the driver.
    As long as you use the same one just load it over the top of the other one.
  2. Hi, i have got

    Q6600 @ 2.7
    XFX 9600GT
    Asus P5k Pro
    4GB Ram
    320Gb Samsung HDD
  3. Additionally you may have a corrupted download of the driver try downloading it again, or rollback to a known good driver, unfortunately some driver releases have conflicting problems with certain hardware.

    Sometimes an unstable OC can affect the installation of a perfectly good downloaded driver copy so you need to make sure if you're OCing your OC is rock solid, there are numerous possibilities.
  4. I have already tried to roll back and reinstalled it but it still crashes and i have gone back to stock speed on my CPU but still crashes
  5. try to get a copy of a program callled driver sweeper.
    Majorgeeks.com should have it.
    Use it to delete the Nvidia drivers and then reinstall.
    Sometimes Nvidia driver need a little help to be deleted completely.
  6. i already tried it and still no luck
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