Corsair Dominator Help!

I have a x4 Corsair Domninator but i dont know how to overclock it

Quad Core Extream 3.0 OC to 3.8
Asus Striker Extream
x4 Corsair Dominator
x2 8800 ULTRA water cooled
x2 WD Raptor 150gb raid 0
Koolance Exos water system
Thermaltake Armor
Galaxy 1000Watts power supply
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  1. Ummm, what time is it?
  2. 0935 est
  3. Try your answers in ram section dude :wink:
  4. Quote:
    Ummm, what time is it?

    lmao :lol: :lol: :lol:

    sorry robo mate, cant help you with that one.

    as mentioned...the ram section would probably yield a better result :)
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