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Ok I bought a used remanufactured computer. Its dell latitude d610 with ubuntu 12.10 preinstalled. I'm new to linux first time I ever even tuched 1 lol. I'm jus tired of dealing w microsoft n their bs n wanted to try linux to see how it works. I didn't wana put a lot into it tho in case I didn't like it or I messed something up. I jus got computer yesterday. Started it jus checking out the programs on it an it froze up. Left it set for an hour or so an I powered it off from power switch. Now it will not boot ubuntu at all. I run memory check an I have millions of errors lol. Could it be a bad ram card? Or did I mess something up from powering it off?
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    If you ran a memory test and it came up with errors, you do have bad RAM. If you have two sticks in it, run the test with only one installed to determine which one is bad. The memory test has nothing to do with your hard drive or the OS, so something corrupt with your OS would not cause errors to show up in a memory test.

    Are you using Memtest86 to test your memory? If not, download it and test it with that. It seems to be the standard for testing memory.
  2. That's what I was thinking too but I'm not familiar w linux. Yep memtest86 n millions of errors lol. It only has 1 stick. If that's all it is. Ill keep th comp. I js wanted 2nd opinion. Thank u soo much
  3. Once get the RAM replaced, if Ubuntu still gives you problems (like something is now corrupt and it won't boot) make sure you post back. Don't give up on Linux for this reason.

    If you do end up having to reinstall it, it's pretty easy. I'd argue that it's easier than Windows.
  4. Yea ram goes bad no biggy. I'm not gona blame faulty hardware on n OS so I'm not quiting that easy lol. I was gona upgrade anyway it only came w 512 so I jus ordered 2gb bt I was hoping to use it til I could upgrade lol. Ill keep u posted thanx soo much.
  5. Update. I figured it out. From having to shut it down from the power switch something wasn't starting up on reboot. All I had to do was command reboot from root terminal an everything came on lol. Thank everybody for the help tho much appreciated
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  7. Sweet, glad it's working for you. Being a new user, I'd be curious about your thoughts on Linux.
  8. Well I'm still learning. Figure its kinda like driving an automatic all my life then driving a clutch lol. Command this config that livin lavita loca lol. I'm learning tho. Working on installing programs an learning some commands. its coming along tho tyvm
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