Vm backtrack 5 r3 cannot ping vm xp on vmware

heyz i had this problem i created a virtual machine bt5 r3 on vmware and i also installed win xp on vmware having ip addresses and respectively . But whenevr i try to ping from my bactrack to xp it doesnt where else the reverse process of ping from xp to backtrack is done.
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  1. There are several possibilities as to why you cannot ping between computers. I would have said it was a possibility that you were using NAT with your VMs, but that wouldn't explain why pinging works in one direction but not the other. Firewalls are another possible cause.

    TBH, if you know enough about networking to use penetration testing software like Back|Track then I would have thought you were expert enough to solve this problem. The only solution I can offer is to set your virtual network cards to bridged mode.
  2. i am also suffering from this same problem as aksh plzzzz some one help us to resolve this
    i am using host only connection for all vm's
    plzzzz help us......

  3. @akshay, @aks (and many others)

    Guys, can you please write in proper English! Using proper capitalization, commas, etc - this makes reading and understanding your post much easier.
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