Setting up a System Drive after Registry Corruption

My registry System file got corrupted or is missing. Right now I've got Windows XP Pro running on one partition of my single hard drive. Other partitions contain Programs and Storage of files.

I am unable to fix the problem using the Recovery Console - Says "Access Denied" when I try to make the changes specified here:

Was thinking of adding a new HDD, loading XP, and using that as a system drive.

1. If I do this, should I have access to the Storage partition of my first drive?
2. Will I be able to run programs from the old drive's Programs partition? If I have to reload programs, should I do this on the old disk or the new one?
3. Should I disconnect my original drive while setting up the new one to avoid any cross-contamination?
4. Will the old, corrupt XP interfere with my setup?
5. Is this likely the result of a virus? (It happened for no apparent reason. Computer just shut down spontaneously and then I couldn't get past the BIOS.)
6. Will I have to transfer my e-mail files to the new disk or can I use the settings from the old one? (Can/should I keep using my Office programs from the original disk?)
7. What should I do after setting this up to avoid registry corruption in the future? (Besides "buy a Mac".)
8. Any other advice on this matter?
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  1. I usually remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer to restore the backup copies of the registry files. It's a lot easier.

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