Pci.sys problem installing XP on Gigabyte EP45-UD3P

I just rebuilt my PC with a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard. My intent was to also just wipe the system drive and start with a fresh XP load. Well the PC is up and running fine without wiping the system drive yet. When I boot from my XP disc to attempt to wipe the drive and reload the OS, it goes through the normal process of grabbing the drivers it needs from the disk, but when it tries to proceed, the blue screens and says there is an error with pci.sys. Weird.

It recommends updating the BIOS to the latest, which I did, but that didn't make any difference.

Any thoughts?
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  1. I've just build a new PC with the same EP45-UD3P motherboard and a E7400 CPU.

    If I try to install Windows XP I get a STOP ERROR 7E referencing "PCI.SYS"

    I've tried with several different hard drives, tried both different SATA controllers, even and old IDE disk.

    I can boot off of a KNOPPIX live CD (that's what I'm entering in this message from).

    I was able to partition the RAID 1 array and start to install "TinyXP" but I got a CRC error on one of the files most of the way through installing it. Since then, I can't run any install successufully. But, some Linuxes will boot...

    Maybe the motherboard is defective? But, I'm not sure, since I can boot from the LiveCD...

    Maybe it's a compatibility problem with XP? I absolutely do NOT want to use Vista (ugh, nasty Vista, get it away)...

    If I find the solution to this problem, I will reply here, at least I'll try to remember to do so...
  2. It sounds like you need SP2.
  3. I searched around some more and found others were having the same problem, and they fixed it by using XP w/SP2, as the previous poster mentioned.

    I tried building a "slipstreamed" XP Pro w/SP3 using nlite - it didn't work, but, at least I knew that it was a software issue not a hardware problem (defective motherboard)

    I decided to go with Linux (Fedora 10) instead, it installed fine

    Only, then I found out that the supposed RAID on the motherboard is fake, because Linux still sees the individual drives and not one drive as it should with a "real" RAID - GRR...
  4. i have the same problem. i have a GA-EP45T-UD3LR motherboard and i cant install windows xpsp3 ill try LINUX AND SEE IF IT WORKS
  5. Well, my hard drive with Fedora 10 died. So, I'm trying XP again. I think it will work with XP Pro + SP3 slipstreamed.
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