UEFI dual boot Win 8 Ubuntu 12.041 LTS

I know that you aren't supposed to ask questions about dual booting, but, I've looked everywhere.

My computer is a Dell 3520.
It runs a I3-2120 (maybe) @ 2.1 ghz
4 gb ram
500 gb hard drive.

The bios is UEFI.
I have used ubuntu for a couple of years but all the dual boots I have installed was through the Wubi. I have never used Grub/Grub 2.

I installed Ubuntu from a live disc, and turned on the legacy boot mode but I can not get it to boot into Ubuntu, Windows 8 works fine.

Can anyone give me some advice or direct me to a good tutorial on what Grub is and how to use it? I didn't use Grub, didn't know if I had to, and am not sure how to install it or run it. I really don't want to lose my Win 8 install!

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. If you are looking for Grub 2 info then I would suggest to refer official site of Ubuntu. Grub 2 info.
    Dual booting Win 8 and Ubuntu is almost similar as dual booting Win 7 and Ubuntu and this site has explain dual boot installation quite will with screenshots.
    See Dual boot Ubuntu and Winodws 7
  2. I have posted a tutorial on this. It should be the first one under tutorial section.
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