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Is it possible to instal linux on sun virtual box from a usb drive

So recently learned and been using my usb drive to flash disk images onto it to use instead of cd's or dvd's So today i just thought for the heck of it. I would get to install Linux on a virtual machine just to mess around with it. But when i got through the set up of sun virtualbox and started up the virtual system i came to realize that it's doesn't natively support usb drives for installation. So i was wondering if there was a way to get around this. I briefly read that you could somehow make a usb drive act as a hard drive for you virtual machine, and maybe i could simply copy the OS over to it. Or is there maybe a way to trick the windows into thinking that a usb drive is actually a cd drive. I'm probably talking total nonsense, but any suggestion would be cool.

ohh and yes i know that i could just get a cd lol, but where the opprotunity to learn more about computers :kaola:
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  1. Here's a link that tells you how to boot a VirtualBox VM from a USB drive. Once you can do that it should be fairly simple to install from that image to another virtual disk.
  2. Ok so i followed the instruction on that link you gave me. I Checked the disk number and it's disk one but the command line keeps telling me Syntax error Invalid Parameters ' -rawdisk\\.\PhysicalDrive1' so i'm alittle confused because i feel that i put in the right parameters
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    I've just tried that on my system and it works fine. You may need to put a space after "rawdisk" so that it reads "-rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive1".

    (Edit: Without the space I get the same error!)
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