E4300 Stock Load temps OK?

Mkk. I have an e4300, with this mobo:

I used speedfan on it, and it is on stock with a full load caused by SP2004 dual instances. I am using an Antec p180 and an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. These are the 15 min results:

*System-33 C
*CPU-53 C
*AUX-43 C
*Core 0-46 C
*Core 1-46 C

How are those for a stock e4300 under load? I want to eventually overclock to 2.4 ghz.
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  1. use coretemp 0.95 and tat n get back to us
  2. I cant use TAT with vista, because it has an error about some sort of feature. But ill try coretemp .95 and get back. Mabye i can solve the TAT problemo.

  3. Ok, well TAT wont work on my setup as of now, so ill just tell u idle and load with speedfan and coretemp.

    Coretemp Idle
    -Tjunction- 100
    -Core 0-39
    -Core 1-38

    Speedfan Idle
    -Core 0-24
    -Core 1-23

    Coretemp Load

    -Core 0-59
    -Core 1-59

    Speedfan Load
    -Core 0-44
    -Core 1-44

    This is with all 3 of my 120mm Tricool fans in my P180 are set to low, and my artic cooling freezer 7 fan is ~1300 rpm. 10 Mins of dual SP2004's.
    This is in 32 bit Vista Home premium, e4300, and my ambient temp is around 70 F in my room.

    Speedfan shows 1.300Vcore and Coretemp shows 1.3250 VCore...
  4. speedfan has the right vcore and as far as i know coretemp has the right temps, i think thats the right temps for your cpu... thats how im runnin mine :x
  5. But wait, dont u think that 59 C is a little high for a stock e4300, 1.8 ghz, with an aftermarket cooler?!! Wouldn't that then leave me with no room to overclock? I feel the air coming out of the top vent, and its barely hotter than room temp?

    59 C just seems a bit high...
  6. how about you overclock to 3.0 dont even higher the volts, and if u do do it by a lil.. i have my e4300 @ 1.290 runnin @ 3.0ghz... pretty much same temps it rised like 1-2c n thats about it, i think one of the reasons, i dunno if its true, is that the IHS int he allendales is not soldered to the cpu, its only glued, and they put ceramic paste in between, i also have an aftermarket cooler (zalman 9700nt) n i get the same temps sumtimes i even get higher temps ;p
  7. I was thinking of going to about 2.4 ghz, just cause i dont need more :lol:

    Also, i have an EVGA 8800gts 320 meg Superclocked. How can i tell the temps on that? What is a Vista compatable program that can tell them reliably? I might oc that.
  8. yeah, i know how to oc it, but im jsut worried about the temps and all. With those temps at stock 1.8ghz, wouldn't 2.4ghz be pretty fuackin hot?

    Also, do you guys know of any program that can show my 8800gts 320's temp?
  9. Just changing the clock to 2.4 GHz won't raise the temps much. My E4300 runs well at 3 GHz with reasonable temps. Good luck!
  10. No, no, you got me all wrong. Im not THAT noobish. its jsut that when i used coretemp, it had like 59 C as my CPU temp, and i thought 60 C was like the highest end for a c2d to work properly under most conditions (although i do know they can take like 90 C) and so im thinking that if i add the next 600mhz, that my load temps will go beyond 65 C, thus ruining my oc'ing dreams. :lol:

    And i tried ATI tool, version .26 (made in december!?!), and it didnt sense my temperatures, and i dont even think it sensed my actual card, clock speeds, ect. I only want this because i oc'ed my 8800gts from the 576/850(EVGA superclocked, 500/800 ref.) to like 650/925 and it had no artifacts in quake 4 or anything, but i want to see the temps. :twisted:
  11. get ntune or rivatuner i prefer the second one
  12. Yeah, that's what i uised to oc it the first time, but it doesnt have any options to show the tempurature, it only has the system option that shows ur clockspeeds, and lets u adjust them.
  13. Wow, ur temps are low. I have the antec p180, although the fans are set to low. Tacos, how are urs set?

    My idle temps are like 58 ishor something. How do you make a load on the g card? Just play a game, and then alt tab out quick>?
  14. i have an hr-03 plus its summer right now, this is kinda hot it usually idles @ 41-43c well just run the rivatuner monitor while your playin heavy graphics game and after a while check what was your max temp :o
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