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i have just got verizon fios tv and internet for my house. and i have noticed that the ActionTec MI424-WR they have provided lack range and consistancy. my computer is connected through a buffalo wireless G 125 desktop adapter it is about 100 ft away from the router.

my question is is it possible to connect the ActionTec MI424-WR router to my linksys wrt54g wirelessly, and use the linksys to get on the internet?
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  1. Well if you mean by wirelessly have the ActionTec transmit have the WRT54G recieve it then retransmit the signal then no unless the actiontec supports WDS. If it did then you are going to have to flash the WRT54G with DD-WRT and void your warranty then it still may not work since WDS is not standardized. You could hack both the buffalo and the linksys with DD-WRT set up WDS and wire one to the Actiontec that would definitely work. Going to be a bit of work to get it going right but it is possible although prolly not with the stock firmware.
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