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Backtrack 5 , make the update n upgrade stay on the usb after shutdown

can i ask something, if i using backtrack 5 install n boot in from usb i start it,,then i update,and upgrade it, also and i add a few application to it,such as reaver or vlc or chrome,then after do that, i shutdown it and start windows, then after few, i boot it again from usb , are the stuff that i did like the update n upgrade n installing app still there? , i test it n its not there,is it possible to make it stay on the usb? , please reply, really appreaciate it if u do. thank.

here my email , [REDACTED] , please contact me to give the answer. really appreciate it so much
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  1. If you set up the USB installation to be persistent then it will remain (which should be doable as BT is derived from Ubuntu and most USB installers will let you do this for Ubuntu). If not, then the drive is essentially readonly after installation. Anything you "install" is stored in a RAM disk and lost after you reboot.

    I must ask why you are trying to make a persistent installation of BT with software like VLC. You seem to be using BT for things that it is not built for. It's meant to be nonpersistent by design, and it's certainly not a distribution for entertainment.
  2. and how to make the usb installation to be persistent?, can u make it clear for me, i didnt get that, i kind of new to this stuff, can u answer that , that will cheer me up , thank,

    and for i installed vlc, because i want to watch video or movie before it crack the wifi, it does take long time right, to hack a wpa or wpa2 wifi, and that why
  3. What did you use to create the bootable USB disk? If you used Unetbootin I believe there is an option to specify how much space you want to set aside for having files persist between reboots. However I'm unsure if this is only for things in your home directory (documents etc.) or the rest of the filesystem. You'd have to try it to find out. The documentation is terrible :)
  4. thank again for the information , i will try it , then i will let u know ,

  5. it work , thank man , i didnt realize it just that, haha , u made my day.
  6. No worries. :)
  7. heyy , can i ask sumting,
    do u ever know how to hide icon of win spy shareware version,
    i mean, it always on the tray icon, is it possible to hide it ??
    if there is the way to do this, please let me know

    (dont tell me to buy it)
  8. Why would you want to hide a key logger?
  9. easy man, just to hide it . so that nobody will know that im using wnspy, and if i want to remote control some other pc like my gf or to monitor my brother pc, they will never knew,

    so, do u know how to make it not appear in the tray icon.?
    if u do, please tell me,
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    I'm sorry but I have no intention of telling you how to spy on other people. For starters it's illegal.
  11. please, im begging you. i just do it to my brother, no intention to others.
    please sent to my email,
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  14. manzs_sinclair said:
    please, im begging you. i just do it to my brother, no intention to others.

    Unless you have your brother's permission (and I seriously doubt that you so, else you'd already have said so) and you have made it known to him specifically what you are recording and for what purpose it is being recorded this is illegal. We generally give users the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things which are legal in some instances and not in others, but there are precious few legitimate reasons for using keyloggers and all of them are covered by written privacy policies.

    In short, no, we can't help you with this.
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