Bottleneck by Alienware

Hi all, recently I bought an Alienware Area 51 system for a stupid amount of money. I bought it from their base in Ireland. For some reason though it is plagued and seems to have built in bottlenecks that I can’t identify.
I have:
2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 in QUAD SLI
Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU X9650 @ 3.33GHz
nForce 790i Ultra SLI
Vista 32-bit SP1

I’ve been getting 25156 in 3dMarkVantage but the fastest with essentially the same hardware is 40762! The only noticeable difference is the processor – being Intel Core i7 Processor 965 Extreme Edition.
The other drawbacks include:
In DirectX10 mode many games freeze or stutter
Windows occasionally freezes for no real reason
Random blue screens
I have contacted Alienware and followed their instructions on running memory diagnostics and other tools to no avail.
Is the processor to blame? Or is my memory secretly bad? Either way without any of the diagnostics showing any sign of error Alienware insist the computer is fine and it must be user error! I have installed the latest drivers of all components...

My only other though would be to remove the physX card as now Nvidia are running it through the GPU?
Any ideas? Open to all suggestions!
I feel like I should have just bought the middle range HP every 6 months for the same amount of money!
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  1. I had hoped I could help you but I'm too busy wiping the drool off everything from the system you have! IMO you don't have a problem I do.
  2. 32 bit is wacky for a system like that do 64 bit
  3. 32 bit your probably limiting memory availabilty as you can only have 4gb combined Memory (Vid Cards and Memory) so that could be causing some problems 64 bit would remove that restriction and possibly unleash the machine can explain it a little better than i can :D check the pros and cons section
  4. Wow helpful answers?

    Remove all but on video cards and test.

    Then please up load all .dmp files

    It is a driver issue and the dmp files will help to determine which one.

    From Inside of the dmp files I can determine the different drivers and their ages, along with some other possible causes
  5. Man I am really sorry to hear that. Why someone would sell you that much hardware with a 32 Bit OS beats the heck out of me. As aforementioned putting a 64bit OS is a must have for a system like that.

    Sounds like a rogue memory chip or a major heat issue could be to blame for the other problems, especially the screen flickering and BSOD.

    First and foremost if that computer doesn't come with a warranty, don't ever buy from them again.

    Have you tried downloading speedfan and checking temps?

    Next time you want a system why don't you send me the money you paid for that system. I will build you and me both one for the amount you spend on that, and send you the change back. Alienware is a brand name I have never been impressed with. You need a friend that can build them, faster and with less problems (at half the cost).

    If you spent that much and they won't back their product I would be super pissed. Is there no 30-day money back guarantee or anything? Sheesh!

    Should only be user error if you dropped it on some concrete, or downloaded a bunch of porn and viruses.
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