FPS violence comes to Linux ...

So STEAM et al bring video-violence to the Linux big.screen and you can predict the result. Of-course kids should be outside running around not hunched over a solipsist FPS -- but that's another health issue. Consider this butchering snot-nosed teen perv:


A **real big fan** of violent vids, and now his piggie-type can get their fill of cheap thrills and vicarious butchery at the Linux trough. Perhaps he can wear a Debian T-shirt while he blasts away at fellow students. You know it happens, so better **NO** vid.game on Linux ... of any kind ... ever.
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  1. Trolling? I think you're too intelligent to be talking seriously here. If not, three words - cause and effect.
  2. Only a fool considers hard truth a troll. Exposure to graphic violence both desensitizes those exposed and encourages those with violent predispositions. Virtue corrupted ... evil multiplied as from bad seeds come bad deeds. Linux has avoided **guilt** until now. But, like penguins in a school of herring, or a leopard seal in a penguin pod, let the bloodbath begin.
  3. OK allow me to elaborate on those three crucial words. Did the kid murder his family because he likes violent computer games, or does he like violent computer games because it's the closest you'll get to shooting people without actually doing so? You've failed to establish a relationship of cause and effect, and there may well not be one.

    Infact violent computer games aren't the closest you'll get to actually shooting someone. That would be something like laser tag or paintballing. At least with those you're actually shooting at people and not pixels. Maybe laser tag should be banned too? And while we're on the subject, what about that twisted sicko who invented toy water guns? I hope he's proud of his legacy - a generation of cold-blooded killers.

    And by the way, gaming already arrived on Linux some time ago. Evidently you've not experienced the relentless nauseating bloodbath that is TuxRacer. Or the hard-hitting and brutal examination of modern military conflict that is Blob Wars. In seriousness though, fire up Nexuiz and you'll see the open source virtual brutality (and awesomeness!) that has already been available on Linux for some time. Left 4 Dead is bringing no virtual violence that wasn't already present.
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