Vista Wont Shutdown Hangs

I am at my wits end and cant figure this out.

About 2 weeks ago I had some update go FUBAR and I had to break out the Vista CD to do a recovery. Ended up doing a chkdsk to finally boot into windows. Since then though I have yet to successfully shutdown windows, it always seems to hang at shutdown same fore sleep mode.

Came to the conclusion that either A) bad update install or B) Corrupt driver not allowing the system to shutdown.

As of now I have uninstall ALL antivirus programs and have switch to nvidia WHQL 178.24 drivers and have removed rivatuner. I have also uninstalled the last round of windows updates that are suspect. I have performed a cleanstartup (no driver startup through msconfig) and tried in safemode; and yet this problem persist and vista refuses to shutdown (without a hard shutdown through the switch).

I have uncovered the following: event viewer refuses to work along with most of the administrative programs. I get " Microsoft Management Console has stopped working" and the problem will not resolve itself either through checkonline or debug program.

Plz save me from doing a fresh reinstall.
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  1. Forgot specs....

    Vista 32 bit service pack 1
    Asus Maximus x38
    4gb crucial ballistixs
    74gb raptor 10k
    8800gts BFG
    q6600 @ 3.0Ghz
  2. restart or power on pc, go to bios, power tab, set suspend mode to S3. Can Vista successfully shut down now?

    If not, go back to that bios page, enable ACPI version & APIC. You may be prompted for a driver. Stick ASUS MOBO CD in.
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