Bought a new PSU and want to know if it can power 8800GTX

I bought an Antec NeoHE 500 a few days ago and I'm pretty sure it can power a 8800GTX but im seeking confirmation anyway. My system has an E6400 C2D w/ stock HSF, one DVD burner, 2x DDR2 1GB ram sticks, one SATA HDD, one PCI network card, 5 80mm case fans (2 LED and 3 regular), 1 140mm case fan, and 1 50mm case fan.

The Antec NeoHE 500 has 500W and +3.3V@23A, +5V@17A, +12V1@17A, +12V2@17A, +12V3@17A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A

I'm 95% sure I've got more than enough headroom for a single GTX, but I'd like to seek confirmation.
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  1. Quote:
    If it when't for the lack of PCI-e connectors and a few amps on the +12v rails and that unit could run dual 8800GTXs. Its more then adiquate for your system.

    Reading the first phrase almost made my balls clinch because I saw coming "so no sorry, it can't support a single GTX"

    Woot... thanks I love you for giving me confirmation..... now gotta raise some moneys for that GTX.....
  2. This is useful to me too.

    I'm planning on buying the same card, just needed confirmation that my hiper type-R 580W could cope, which it does.

    But i am planning to go SLI with another of the same card at a later date; Now i'm just wondering wheather the second card would pull the same or less current than the first?

    If its the latter, then I'm obviously going to need another PSU, any suggestions?
  3. Quote:
    Now i'm just wondering wheather the second card would pull the same or less current than the first?

    I hope somebody can answer this, I'd like to know too 8O Not that it really matters, but I'm curious :oops:
  4. Thanks!

    Great PSU list, by the way. VERY useful, thank you very much for putting it together! Now all I need to do is click the review links for those above 56A and pick one :lol:

    Would it be difficult to add a column there about the noise level? For example I understand that Seasonic makes some of the quieter PSUs, but maybe others can do even better...
  5. hey mpilch, i have a question and i hope you know the answer:

    i have a 400w fortron and it couldn't power an overclocked e6600 and x1900xt (at 3ghz and xtx speeds) wich i think is strange. i have 2 of those psu's and both gave instablility after a few weeks....

    now i added a fortron vga booster x3 300watt dedicated vga psu and everything runs perfectly.

    my question is: how come that these boosters are certified for 7950x2 sli and x1900xt cf setups but people can't get a single 8800gtx to work with it?

    it has 2x 6 pci-e connectors and 25amps of 12v so it should work perfectly with a 8800gtx right? people only getting it to work with one of the connectors and the other from the main psu wich i think is very strange....

    your opinion please..... (sorry for the take-over of the thread OP)
  6. Yeah, I suspected that. OK, I'll stop being lazy and I'll read those reviews :D
  7. but it only has 2 connectors wich are both 6-pins so they both should be able to give 12A right?

    thats 3x black and 3x yelow per connector so 4A per yellow wire?
    is that the right calculation or am i way off base now :roll:
  8. many thanks mpilchfamily.

    oh by the way i think i may have mis-stated with card i was planning on getting: 8800GTS not X, i think the clock speed is slower and has less RAM, i don't have the specs to hand.

    anyway i looked at your list, very informative, and from your list I had a look at my usual retailers site (OCUK) and looked at the tagan range.

    I'm looking at the <£100 range, and was just wandering what recommendations you'd put on the Tangan TG600-U25 600 Watt and if it'd be any good. I've not seen it on your list and was just wonder if it was the same as the equivelent tagan 600W on your list.

    thanks again.
  9. On the same tangent I have a Enermax liberty 500w.

    I'm about to upgrade from my P4.

    I have a AsRock mobo bought for me and 2gb geil ram. In a couple of weeks I'll be able to afford a e6600 and then be saving up for a 8800gt or cheapest 320mb one(will be using a my agp 6600 until then as I have the agp and pci-e mobo). I have a dvd and a cd drive. At the moment 2 ide hdd's.

    I don't understand all this 12a stuff and was wondering will my psu support a 8800 in this setup?

    Thanks in advance
  10. Brill you made my day. Only forked out for it just before Christmas and being a student can't really afford another.

    I will check out the thread. I have done before but made the mistake of doing it around midnight and being tired just thought "huh? wtf" :lol:
  11. 32A can power a 8800? then i really don't get it: why is my 400w fortron (29A 12v) not good enough to power a x1900xtx? again: i have 2 of those units and both bailed out after a few weeks...

    and i still don't get it why the booster + my fortron can't power a 8800.
    2x 1900xtx is supported and uses more power than one 8800.
    fortron has it certified for 7900gtx sli and states that it is not designed for 8800 series.

    2x 75w + the pci-e bus should be enough doesn't it? or does the 8800 use more than 200w?

    i don't want a 8800, i just want to learn :wink:
  12. that solves the x1900 problem. i really thought it was 29A coming from the list below. now i checked it and it has 14A + 15A wich they just added up (wich i know you can't do)

    Fortron BoosterX 3 25amps
    Fortron Saga AX400-PN 25amps
    Fortron Saga AX450-PN 29amps
    Fortron Green FSP400-60GLN 26amps
    Fortron BlueStorm FSP350-60THN-R 15amps
    Fortron BlueStorm FSP400-60THN-R 19amps
    Fortron BlueStorm AX500-A 31amps
    Fortron ATX-300GTF 18amps
    Fortron FSP350-60PN (PF) 18amps
    Fortron FSP400-60PFN 18amps
    Fortron FSP300-60THN-P 22amps
    Fortron FSP400-60THN 29amps
    Fortron FSP460-60PFN 31amps
    Fortron EPS12V FSP550-80GLC-R 40amps
    Fortron EPS12V FSP550-60PLN-R 31amps
    Fortron FSP600-80GLC 35amps
    Fortron FSP700-80GLC 50amps
    Fortron Epsilon FX-600GLN 44amps
    Fortron Epsilon FX-700GLN 50amps
    Fortron Epsilon FX-760E 51amps
    Fortron Kingcraft 1000w 70amps
    Fortron Nighthawk FSP350-60BN/60Bx 15amps
    Fortron Zen FSP300-60GNF-R 22amps

    About the 8800: I read on a few forums that the booster can't power it with both connectors.
    But that it can be used with just one pci-e connector from the booster and the other one used from the psu wich i think is very strange. the power from both connectors from the booster should be enough. The guy asked fortron about it and they simply stated that it wasn't certified for the 8800 series.

    But maybe in the future i'll give it a try myself :wink: thanx for your replies Mpilch, you've been helpfull!
  13. i know, and it should be able to considering the certified sli and cf setup need more current.

    it's just a shame that they just say not certified without saying the reason why it can't power an 8800 card. and yes the booster is released and certified before the 8800 series was out.
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