CHKDSK running for a long long time !

I have an external HD 500GB (USB and eSata interface), originally formatted with NTFS on Vista, probably half used with files of all sizes (small / large).

While connected via USB it crashed i.e. got corrupted somehow, and Windows was having trouble recognizing it (tried on Windows XP, Vista, 2k3 Server);

Hence i tried the eSata interface, and upon bootup, Win2k3 detected errors, and prompted to run CHKDSK which i allowed it to. Note this is before it has loaded Win2k3 proper, and is running in cmd line mode.

Went thru the 3 stages really quickly (about 10 mins), after 3rd stage complete (security descriptors), next line says "Correcting Errors in the Upper Case File". And has been running for more than 5 days or 120 hours now (and counting)!! WTF?

Few questions:

1) I know this microsoft article
says it can take several days depending on HD size and files on it, but has anyone actually experienced it taking THAT LONG?

2) Also what CHKDSK switch(es) would it be using by default? i.e. it detected disk inconsistencies upon bootup, and said chkdsk will run unless i press any key (which i didn't). So is it using the /F switch or not?

3) I think CHKDSK as a program sux bigtime, it does not give any feedback at certain places. i.e. in my case it says "Correcting Errors in the Upper Case File", and has been running for 5 days straight. Only feedback is the hard-disk spinning furiously. Should i let it keep running or Cancel it ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies with useful feedback :-)
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  1. Cancel it and get the manufactures ver. of its checkdisk program. then RMA that puppy. I would just call for RMA. now though if I were you.
  2. Ok, i got sick of waiting and pressed the reset button on the computer. Then upon bootup when it prompted me again about the inconsistencies, i skipped running chkdsk this time. FORTUNATELY, the drive letter was recognized and it appears i can get to most folders / files. Slowly i will be moving all data off the drive onto DVDs and reformatting the drive.

    These External USB HDD's are a pain, it's only 1 year old, and i did not use it much except for storing stuff. Another one i had Maxtor OneTouch II also didn't last more than one year, the computer recognizes it except it won't assign a drive letter, rendering it useless.

    From now on it will be DVDs! hopefully they will be reliable and last longer.
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