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im thinking of running a dual-boot system, with windows+linux but im a totally noob at linux, whats the easiest and simplest linux distro to start with that would allow me to game well and have easy access to drivers.

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    Suggestion: see the Stickys above then go here and do a search on Linux, Beginners
    As far as the latter two criteria, it somewhat depends on your hardware and whether or not you wish to make use of wine
    but why do that when there is windows present?

    Addict? and you're a noob? I don't think so, with 4600 posts!
  2. im a noob at linux haha.
  3. thanxs for the help.
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  5. Try Kubuntu. It is a KDE-based version of Ubuntu, which is based off of debian linux.

    Ubuntu is nice because it is designed to handle a lot of driver loading automatically. You can get familiar with the graphical desktop, handling package managers and get started playing with the terminal.

    The downside about this approach is that you do not really get a chance to be exposed to what Linux really is. A kernel. A lot of people associate a desktop, window manager, shell etc. with Linux. And take what the prepackaged distros have to offer without understanding the layers of services that are being used to provide them with that functionality.

    I would suggest you try something like Gentoo or linux from scratch - there are a lot of guides out there and you can be exposed to linux a lot more... Of course, it may take you week(s) to get something working.. And even longer getting your system stable... And even longer having to re-install your system from botching something up with a poorly thought sudo. But you will ultimately understand linux better than just installing Ubuntu and playing with the graphical desktop.

  6. i really just want an alternative os to use. and mess around. not looking to get overly exposed to linux.

    thanks for ur help.
  7. onichikun's advice is solid, both parts of it. If you're not really interested in the technical side, Kubuntu is a really excellent choice and I'd definitely second it. All the best of Ubuntu (it's the official KDE edition of it) but without what is arguably Ubuntu's weak point - its interface. Unity isn't terrible, but KDE is awesome.
  8. alright thanks
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