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I'm currently running Vista 64bit and have both the IE7 32bit and 64bit installed. I use both versions and would like to keep it that way. My question is if I automatically update to IE8 will it update both versions or will I end up with just one?

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  1. I suspect you'll still have both versions updated, but MS is forcing IE8 down on our throats on the next major update.
  2. This doesn't really answer your question but contains some helpful info
  3. Yes, if you download IE 8 for x64 platforms, both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions are included. Until Adobe can get off their lazy asses and make a 64-bit Flash player, we'll have to put up with 32-bit IE a while longer.
  4. I prefer firefox. Microsoft is part of the reason 55% of all PCs worldwide are currently infected. Don't use it. It has a huge javascript security hole.
  5. And yet some of us get by just fine using IE. Knowing what to stay away from makes all the difference in the world... regardless of which browser you use.
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