Need help installing Ubuntu 12.04

So I just built my first computer and I've decided I'm gonna run Ubuntu 12.04 instead of Windows for now. I created a DVD with the iso on it and set my BIOS to run from disc first, and I start the installation which goes well until I reach "Partitioning Disks" phase and the the part where it say along the lines of , it has found SATA RAID blah blah (sorry for that ik understand RAID and what SATA is just really frustrated right now) and it wants wants to do something with iSCSI and and IP Address which I have no clue what to do or what this is and need help now can someone explain this for me and walk me through this.

*I don't know if this is affecting anything but the HDD I'm using are from my old computer they are two 150gb hard drives formerly installed with windows XP
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  1. The Ubuntu install should be pretty starightforward, especially if you have no other installs or data on your HD.
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