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I have bought an hdmi to dvi converter and pluged the hdmi cable from PS3 to HP x20LED Series Wide LCD Monitor's dvi input port. While my windows is running i press the menu button of my monitor and change the input mode from d-sub to dvi. But all the monitor does is go blank for 5 seconds and jumps back to d-sub. I have tried every combination i.e pressing the ps3 on button for 5 seconds before i switch the input mode of monitor to dvi and after but i am unable to connect PS3 with my monitor. i have tried to connect it when the vga cable was unplugged but the monitor remains black.. can someone please help me out..

here the specifications of my monitor:
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  1. For past experiences, I know that some hardware don't work with the converter cables.

    I had a set-top box that I would get no input from, on the monitor when I used an HDMI to DVI cable, but when I used a cable which was the same end-to-end, I did ge input. Maybe that's just your issue.

    P.S. This thread's correct section would be Graphics & Displays.

    Hope this helps!
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