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I was playing with Linux mint when I found I was getting a lot more errors than I've ever gotten with an program / operating system ( I say program because when I was just a youngin I used IE and it was quite the annoyance). Anyway I was attempting to fix one of the many problem. I enter the command into the terminal (forget command) and it came back with something dealing with Mint being in a virtual machine. However I did not install Linux into a virtual machine (I believe I did the easy install side by side) I was under the impression I installed it on my second hard drive considering windows no longer recognized the drive as existing. I would like to know what caused this and how to install it properly. Unfortunately installing windows is not an option. Thank you.
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  1. Hard to say what to do without more specifics. What happens now when you boot up? If you think you messed something up, I would just re-install, choose the option to over-write any previous installations, and follow instructions.
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