Best free defrag program?

what is the best free defrag program?
thanks !
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    What operating system?

    30 day free trial for whatever operating system you're running, so try it for yourself.

    I use the VoptXp 7.22 for WinXP Pro, been using it now for close to 3 yrs, with not the first complaint.

    Also used Vopt9 with Vista, and it works great.
  2. windows 7 64 bit ultimate
  3. You posted before I got my edit completed, LOL Fast as Fast can be!
  4. thanks for the tip ryan!
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  6. Disktrix UltimateDefrag no other defrag can do what it can do!

    here is a snippet:

    Some of the functionality includes: * Ability to defrag all metafiles and system files e.g. MFT, pagefile, USN ChangeJournal * Ability to place all metafiles and system files at any user-defined location on drive volume * Ability to sort order of metafiles and system files according to user preferences * Ability to specify MFT reserved space - particularly useful for XP where default reserved space is 12.5% of hard drive size. * Since the Vista & XP operating system are almost constantly interacting with the hard drive in the background - optimal placement of these files improves overall performance - especially so is the placement of MFT and page file in relation to most frequently used data..

    Although I would say though Vopt would be my second choice probably!
  7. Auslogics Disk Defrag.

    tried and works wonders!
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