Trouble installing Vista on my new gaming rig

I built my own system.
Phenom II X4 940 processor.
4gb Corsair Dominator pc 8500.
MSI Ka-92 platnium mobo
asutek liquid cooling
ati Radeon 4870 x2.
To my surprise it booted up and came to the windows installation screen but once it gets to the partition screen it asks you to load drivers for the mass media storage device so I put the disc into the drive and then hit rescan and it comes back saying no media could be found. Does this mean I am missing the drivers for the Dvd-rom drive? lol? How could it know there was windows to install without reading the disc? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. does the BIOS recognize your optical drives?
    if u go into the bios menu it should tell you somewhere what drives (disk, optical, floppy, ect.) are detected
    that could give you a clue
  2. Does your motherboard support RAID.
    If so and you arent going to use it turn it off in the bios.
    It sounds like that is what it wants.
  3. vista loads up drivers for optical drive during the screen where it says loading windows files. the option to load a driver is directly related to RAID. other wise click advanced and choose format
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