Kaspersky Antivirus liscensing problems

I purchased KAV in October installed it, activated it, everything worked fine. I reformatted my hard drive a few days ago I reinstall KAV but now the activation process say Error 4:1 which is wrong region. I purchased it from ComputersWorth in Texas, USA and I am in Oregon, USA. I emailed Kaspersky with and got a ticket for tech support but there response is this.

You get that error because you have purchase a code from another country. If yo have purchase an out of the country code, we cannot give you support. Please contact the seller and notify them about this issue.

Thank you

John Avendano

John from ComputersWorth, the seller in Texas, says that in the last week Kaspersky has started blocking IP addresses from the USA for KAV single user products. Now that apparently leaves me with a product I paid for that they refuse to activate. He also said this would leave thousands of people with the same problem.

Any ideas on how to get Kaspersky to behave?
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  1. Software vendors have different pricing structures depending on where in the world you are from. Many poorer countries are offered the software at a much lower cost than wealthier countries.

    If the reseller (ComputersWorth), has involved themselves in the practice of buying up cheap validation keys from let's say South East Asia and reselling for a higher profit margin in the U.S., I would be chasing them up, but not after verifying with Kaspersky where in the world my validation key was intended to be used. This will give you some idea where the key was purchased from.

    I don't think they have been entirely honest with you. If they have been honest with you I still think they should as a show of good faith honour you with another validation key and following up with Kaspersky themselves. They have more fighting power being a reseller of their product.

    In any case, Kaspersky have an online forum. I would raise the issue there to see if you get any valuable advice. I would also ask about the EULA in relation to your issue, they may have the answers you are seeking.

  2. Kaspersky as decided to issue me a activation key even though it is not their policy to do so. ComputersWorth.com, in Texas has chosen to ignore me hoping I will go away I guess.

    So thank you Kaspersky for helping me out. I will be buying your product in the future but I will find a new vender as is my only power as a consumer.
  3. I'm glad to hear it worked out.

    Nice to see Kaspersky's customer service reflects their quality product.

    Thanks for the follow up.
  4. kaspersky is doing this because of rampant use of pirated keys used by losers!
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