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I have been working on a file for quite some time. After saving my file, I restarted the program, Movie Maker, to connect my headphones for sound. After connecting the headphones, I went to open my movie maker file and it was gone. I have read a few forums and it sounds like the file crashed as it was saving. If this is true, wouldn't I have a previously saved file considering I have it set to save every 10 minutes and have been working on it for months? Shouldn't there be a temp file or a previous version of it somewhere even if it didn't save the last modified version?
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  1. The backup files might be being saved in a directory location other than the directory in which you have/had your original file.

    Use Windows Explorer to scan the Computer's drives (all of them) for the file name less the extension. A backup copy could be saved as filename.bak or filename.sav.
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