I need a software to turn computer into a PA

Do you guys know any software that would allow me to turn my computer into a PA? As in, i can sing into my mic and let my comp speaker amplify it so the voice can be heard over guitars... hehe thanks
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  1. A microphone turned up thorough you soundcard works like that... Simple turn up the microphone/line in port on your sound panel
  2. You could also use a recording program like Kristal to add effects to your voice-reverb, compression, etc.

    or Audacity
  3. Here is the most simple solution that I found on another site:,2817,929966,00.asp
  4. Any sequencing software(Reaper its free) with adequate Vsti(Virtual Software instruments) from Waves or free just use google to found.For sequencing software i recommend you Cubase,Nuendo,Sonar,Miscraft 5(try demo before buy)or just download Reaper 3 for free,thats my recommendations.
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