Tried to Install ubuntu now windows 7 wont start!

Hello, I fix computers part time and today I got a laptop( HP Pavilion g4-1104dx notebook pc) from a friend that wont boot windows 7. She told that her bf tried to install ubuntu on it, I dont know if installation was completed however I do know at some point they remove installation disc out cause it made some strange noise when running in cd tray. Then she found it wouldn't boot and brought it to me. When laptop tries too start windows 7, a command prompt windows with a background blue wallpaper appears that looks like this:


Microsoft (R) Windows script host version 5.8

REM Model :
REM Caption: WDC WD3200BEVT-60A23T0 ATA Device
REM Partitions: 4
REM PNPDeviceID: IDE\DISKWDC_3200BEVT-60A23T0_____________02.02A02\5&14ED1BD3&0&0.0.0
REM couldn't perform the screening because couldn't detect 2 HDDs on this system

C:\system.sav\util\MBRINST.EXE /INI C:\system.sav\util\MBR.INI /U /Q ECHO MRBInst returned %errorlevel1% >> C:\system.sav\logs\MBRINST.log

If possible I would just like too get the information out into a backup and wipe HDD and reinstall windows 7, however I dont know if its still there, HDD has for partitions 2 NTFS and 2 unallocated, 4 is also the max of partitions allowed so I i need to create another one to fix this it cant be on laptop HDD.

I would really appreciate any input anyone would have on this matter.

Solved! A simple repair did the trick, seem more complex than it was.
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  1. When you did the repair you reinstalled the MBR, an incomplete Ubuntu install will have changed your MBR to reflect the Linux bootloader Grub2 which will not have been installed. "fixmbr" would have done the trick as well.
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